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Lampasas Independent School District

Lampasas Independent School District

Pre-K Family Engagement Plan

Lampasas ISD Pre-K Family Engagement Plan (click to view district plan)

Purpose of our LISD Pre-K Family Engagement Plan

A.   To create and maintain meaningful partnerships with parents and families of Pre-K students.
B.   To improve the quality and availability of program services for Lampasas ISD students, age three through age five, and their families. 
C.   To support children’s optimal development and readiness for school entry and success.
D.   To address the unique strengths and needs of our local population, such as homeless, migrant, or non-English speaking families. 
E.   To promote collaboration regarding the use of transportation, facilities, and other resources, as appropriate.
F.    To promote further collaboration with local entities and enhance efficiency of services.  
G.   To coordinate a comprehensive system of activities, policies, and procedures which guide and support our school district as we provide age-appropriate services to children and their families.