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Lampasas Independent School District

Lampasas Independent School District

Regular Route Services

Transportation is available for children who live two or more miles from their assigned campus. The distance a student lives from their assigned campus is determined by measuring from the curb at the front of the school to the curb in front of their home, using the most direct route.
Starting Bus Service
Once your child has been enrolled at a campus please call our department at 512-556-6736 to establish bus service. Please plan to transport your child to and from school the first day if the child is enrolling after the first official day of school.  
When you call, our office staff will take down information from you and the Director will assign a bus route to your child. The bus driver will call you that evening to introduce themselves and establish times and location for your child’s pick-up and drop-off. At this time you may share any important information you wish the driver to know.
Pick Up Time Criteria
Regular transportation attempts to arrive at every bus stop on time. District policy requires students to arrive at their designated bus stops 5 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time. The bus will load students and depart. Regular route buses do not wait for late students under most circumstances. Special needs transportation follows the same criteria but will wait up to 2 minutes at the stop for the student to load. All regular education buses will wait 5 minutes at the school in the afternoon for students to board. Students are expected to proceed immediately to the buses upon the dismissal bell. Bus drivers are instructed not to stop or open the door for late students due to safety concerns of having students too close to moving bus wheels.
Daily Service Criteria
Regular transportation is scheduled to provide service to student riders. Bus stops that do not have riders for 2 days (with no call/no show) may be suspended temporarily for lack of ridership to conserve district resources. Infrequent riders should contact the Transportation Department when service is needed if their bus stop has historically low ridership and to verify pick up time and location.


Route Design
Bus routes are created to enhance student safety while maximizing vehicle efficiency. Stops are created that allow students to wait off the main roadway for the bus if at all possible. Stops are also created to minimize students walking in highly traveled roadways for long distances without sidewalks. Stops are not placed in dead end streets whenever possible to minimize bus accidents while backing (Backing is a very dangerous maneuver for a school bus). Stops are spread as far apart as criteria will allow in order to decrease the number of stops each bus will make on its route thus minimizing riding time for the students.