Hi Parents and Students:

    I know that everyone is a bit confused about how to move forward at this point.  I want you to know that I will do my best to put together lessons that my students can complete in entirety on a daily basis.  These lessons will be done mainly on NearPod through Google Classroom and will occassionally include online quiz games.  The students will be familiar with the NearPod and the Online Quiz Games.  Students can work at their own pace online to complete all of the tasks and then submit them in Google Classroom when finished. 

    If students do not have internet at home then they can pick up a packet at the school from 8-10 am on Monday March 30th.  

    The NearPod Notes session will include videos with questions, notes with quizzes after them and a fill in the blank to go over the notes afterward.  If a student needs to enter their name, they will need to enter their full first and last name.  

    Once again, students should access Google Classroom for their assignments. 

    Please send me an email with any concerns or problems with the lessons.  

    Thank you for being patient during this strange time for all of us.  




    Wesley McCann

    8th Grade US History 

    Lampasas Middle School