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    3/22 - 3/26 Sculpture, a required grade

    3/29  - 4/2 Sculpture, a required grade

    4/6 - 4/9 STARR testing, Free Draw

    4/12 - 4/16, Introduction to Plays, a required grade

    4/19 - 4/23, Practice Plays, a required grade

    4/26 - 4/30, Performance of completed plays

    5/3 - 5/7, Mexican Blanket backgrounds for self portraits, a required grade

    5/10 - 5/14, Self Portraits, a required grade

    5/17 - 5/20, Clean up/ Free Draw


    1/5-1/7 Value Worksheet, an optional assignment

    1/11-1/15 Picasso Portrait plan, a required grade

    1/18-1/22 Picasso Portrait add color

    1/25-1/29 Music Rythms Reviewed

    2/1-2/5 Texture: Visual and Tactile. Shoe drawings, a required grade

    2/8-2/12 Chris Uphue Hearts, a required grade

    2/15-2/19 Black History Month celebration

    2/22-2/26 Alma Thomas mosaics, a required grade

    3/1-3/5 Weaving, a required grade

    3/8-3/12 Weaving

    3/15-3/19 SPRING BREAK



    10/12-10/16 Yayoi Kusama Pumpkins, a required grade

    10/19-10/23 Dios de la Muerta Hispanic Apreciation Month

    10/26-10/30 Graffiti Art, Jean-Michel Basquiat

    11/2-11/6 Graffiti Art finish, add color to our drawings

    11/9-11/13 It's Christmas Everywhere introduction a required grade

    11/16-11/20 Start our paperdoll puppets for the pageant

    11/23-11/27 Thanksgiving holiday. NO SCHOOL

    11/30-12/4 It's Christmas Everywhere create backdrops required grade

    12/7-12/11 It's Christmas Everywhere performances

    12/14-12/16 free draw, finish works, have fun


    8/10-8/14 Say Something, intro

    8/17-8/21 Say Something, prepare

    8/24-8/28 Say Something, finish

    8/31-9/4 Pitch: A Music Lesson, a required grade

    9/7-9/11 Square 1 Art intro

    9/14-9/18 Dot Art/Wassily Kandinsky

    9/21-9/25 Square 1 Art finish

    9/28-10/2 Line Art, a required grade

    10/5-10/9 Rhythm: Notes and Rests

    Welcome to FINE ARTS!  Online Learners, you must complete the Questionaire for each lesson in order to receive credit.  Please be honest and actually do the work. Click the "Virtual Art/Music/Theater Lessons" tab to get started.  Check weekly.

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    8:00-8:45          5th

    8:46-9:31          Kinder

    9:32-10:17        2nd

    10:20-11:05      1st

    1:00-1:45          Pre-K

    1:47-2:32          4th

    2:35-3:25          3rd

     Linda Lapierre is in 7th year as Fine Arts Teacher at Taylor Creek Elementary.  She teaches PreK - 5th grades in Art, Music and Theater.