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    Welcome to our class website! A place where students and parents can find information about class schedules, assignments, and additional resources that students can use to improve their skills and comprehension. This is certainly a site "Under Construction"!  I will be adding things as I see a need arise, find interesting items, and figure out the technology to make it work.

    My goal is to provide the tools that will help each of you be successful. This begins in the classroom and our class website is an extension of those tools. Communication is a key element in the effectiveness of this page so use it to help you organize, plan, and participate... then tell me how it helped you or did not help you. That will help ME add items to help you!


    My schedule: 

    First Period - 7:55-8:40 World History A144

    Second Period - 8:44-9:29 PAP World History A144

    Third Period - 9:33-10:18 PAP World History A144

    Academic - 10:22-10:45 Academic A144

    Fifth Period - 10:49- 11:34 PAP World History A144

    Sixth Period - 11:38 - 12:23 World History A144/B-Lunch

    Seventh Period - 12:57-1:42 PAP World History A144

    Eighth Period - 1:46- 2:31 CONFERENCE

    Nineth Period- 2:35 - 3:20 World History A144


    Tutorials every week day, except Friday 3:20-3:45 and by appointment and during Academic if I have prior knowledge.