Degrees and Certifications:

  • Year at a Glance for Geometry 2017-2018


    1st Semester


    (Subject to change and/or adjustment at any time) 



     Tools of Geometry

       Points, Lines, and Planes

       Measuring Segments

       Measuring Angles

       Exploring Angle Pairs

       Basic construction

    Reasoning and Proof

       Patterns and Conjectures

       Conditional Statements

       Bi-conditional and Definitions

       Deductive Reasoning

       Reasoning in Algebra & Geometry

       Proving Angles Congruent

     Parallel and Perpendicular lines

    Lines and Angles

    Properties of Parallel Lines

    Proving lines parallel

    Parallel and Perpendicular lines

    Parallel lines and triangles

    Construct Parallel/Perpendicular Lines

    Equations of lines in the Coordinate


    Slopes of Parallel/Perpendicular Lines

    Spherical & Euclidean Geometry

      Congruent Triangles

       Congruent figures

       Triangle congruency

       Isosceles & equilateral triangles

       Congruency in right triangles

       Congruency in overlapping triangles


     Relationships Within Triangles

       Midpoint & Distance Formulas

       Mid-segments in triangles

       Perpendicular & Angle Bisectors

       Bisectors of triangles

       Medians and Altitudes

       Indirect proof

       Inequalities in One/Two triangles

      Polygons & Quadrilaterals

       Polygon Angle Sum Theorem

       Properties of Parallelogram

       Prove a quadrilateral is a parallelogram

       Rhombuses, Rectangles, & squares

       Trapezoids and Kites



    Year at a Glance for Geometry 2017-2018


    2nd Semester

      (Subject to change and/or adjustment at any time)


    Coordinate Plane

     Polygons in the coordinate plane

       Applying coordinate Geometry

       Proofs using the coordinate plane

    Transformational Geometry

       Translations, reflections, Rotations

     Symmetry, Composition, & Congruence 

       Dilations, non-rigid transformations


       Similar Polygons

       Similarity Transformations

       Proving Triangles Similar

       Similarity in Right triangles

       Proportions in Triangles


    Right Triangles & Trigonometry

       Pythagorean Theorem/Converse

       Special Right Triangle   Trigonometry

       Angles of Elevation & Depression

      Circle Measurement

       Circles and arcs

       Radian Measures

       Areas of Circles and Sectors

       Circles in the Coordinate Plane


    Theorems About Circles

       Tangent lines  

     Chords and Arcs

       Inscribed Angles

       Angle measurements & Segment lengths


       Area of Parallelogram & Triangles

       Area of Trapezoids, Rhombuses, & Kites

       Area of regular polygons

       Perimeter & Area of Similar Figures

       Trigonometry and Area 

    Surface Area and Volume

       3-D Figures and Cross sections

       Surface Area of Prisms & Cylinders

       Surface Area of Pyramids & Cones

       Volume of Prisms & Cylinder

       Volume of Pyramids & Cones

       Surface Area & Volumes of Sphere

       S. A. & Vol. of Related Shapes


       Experimental & Theoretical Probability

       Geometric Probability

       Permutations & Combinations

       Compound Probability

       Conditional Probability Frequency table

       Conditional Probability Formula

     Algebra Review as needed