Parent Involvement


    We are very excited to have you as a part of our Taylor Creek family. We would normally encourage you to visit the school but current safety measures would require a contactless way to get to know the teachers and staff that work with your child.  We are always open to suggestions on how to make our school safer for the students, but at the same time give them a sense of normalcy. Please join us online for all the resources available to enrich your childs education. There is a limitless digital library open for your child to read as much as they would like!
    Currently teachers would really appreciate if your child provides their own antiseptic/antibacterial wipes ( that will not be harmful, to those with asthma or allergies) for their personal use to clean surfaces of their desks and supplies before and after each use. Please make sure they know not to share any supplies and you communicate to each teacher to see what you can do to increase the safety of your classroom.

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