New Student Registration Forms

  • Welcome to Lampasas Independent School District!
    You may complete the registration process at your student's attending campus at any time during the campus' open hours.
     Lampasas High School at 512-564-2310 or Email Tracey Davis 
    Lampasas Middle School at 512-556-3101 or Email Jessica Wilkinson 
     Kline Whitis at 512-556-8291 or Email Sherry Cartwright
    Hanna Springs Elementary 512-556-2152 or Email  Kristle Harrison
    Taylor Creek Elementary 512-564-2585 or Email Pam Posten
    Please bring the following items with you: 
    • Certified Birth Certificate
    • Student's current immunization records
    • A copy of the student's Social Security card
    • Acceptable photo ID for parent/guardian*
    • A withdrawal form, transcript, final report card and/or other educational records from the last school the student attended.
    • Acceptable Proof of Residency** in guardian's name that shows address where the student lives or a notarized affidavit with proof. 
    *Photo ID for parent/guardian:
    Acceptable photo ID must be current and valid, and may include any of the following:
      • State issue driver's license
      • Texas ID
      • Passport with current address
      • Military or government-issued ID
      • Consular card
    Non-Acceptable Photo ID includes, but may not be limited to the following:
      • A membership card such as Sam's Club or other similar cards
      • A debit/credit card with a photo, etc. 
    **Proof of Residency: Please provide one of the following-
      • A bill or statement within the last 30 days that indicates address in parent/guardian’s name. 
      • Lease or Contract for residential address in parent/guardian’s name is acceptable.  However, contractual representation documents and similar documents used by realtors are not acceptable on their own.  We must have documentation of a binding agreement to reside at a residence within a specified time-frame. Additional documentation may be required to verify residency.
      • A notarized signed/dated “Verification of Address From Property Owner” affidavit with whom student lives along with acceptable documentation of residency for home owner/lessee. (included below)
        2020-2021 FORMS                                                                                                                2021-2022 FORMS 

    STUDENT TRANSFERS                                                                                              STUDENT TRANSFERS

    ELIGIBILITY FOR PRE-KINDERGARTEN                                                               ELIGIBILITY FOR PRE-KINDERGARTEN

    ADMISSION INFORMATION                                                                      ADMISSION INFORMATION
    ADMISSION INFORMATION en Español                                                 ADMISSION INFORMATION en Español                                         
    STUDENT INFORMATION                                                                          STUDENT INFORMATION
    STUDENT INFORMATION en Español                                                                 STUDENT INFORMATION en Español
    FAMILY ACCESS ENROLLMENT                                                                FAMILY ACCESS ENROLLMENT
    FAMILY ACCESS ENROLLMENT en Español                                           FAMILY ACCESS ENROLLMENT en Español
    PROOF OF RESIDENCY                                                                                PROOF OF RESIDENCY
    PROOF OF RESIDENCY en Español                                                           PROOF OF RESIDENCY en Español
    HOME LANGUAGE SURVEY                                                                       HOME LANGUAGE SURVEY
    HOME LANGUAGE SURVEY en Español                                                  HOME LANGUAGE SURVEY en Español
    HOME LANGUAGE SURVEY in Vietnamese                                            HOME LANGUAGE SURVEY in Vietnamese