3rd Grade

  •  Welcome to 3rd Grade!

     We are very excited to be at Kline Whitis as we "Think Big" and inspire studentsWe are glad that you have decided to visit our website.This website was designed to foster communication between home and school. As you explore this website, you will be able to see your child's class schedule, read about special events, meet our teachers, and learn about our third  grade curriculum.This website will allow you to gain a better understanding of what we do each day at Kline Whitis. We hope you enjoy exploring our grade level site.  Please share what you learn about our classroom with your family and friends. Enjoy your journey!

     We will be working hard this year gearing up for higher level skills as we prepare for the STAAR Reading and Math test. Students will be engaged in reading, writing, and word work during our Daily 5 time as we work with small groups. Students will also review math skills periodically as well as learn new content. Students will write in all content areas with the expectation of writing detailed, complete sentences.


    Third Grade Team

    Mrs. Pattie Calk               

    Mrs. Kristine Graham     

    Miss Marley Wiggins        



    7:55-8:05 Bell Work

    8:06-8:55 Activity (Conference Time)

    8:56-10:35 ELAR and Daily 5

    10:36-11:14 Science/Social Studies

    11:15-11:45 Recess

    11:50-12:20 Lunch  

    12:21-1:05 Power Hour

    1:06-1:25 Science/Social Studies

    1:25-3:20 Math

    Healthy Snacks

    Eating a small healthy snack enables students to keep focused. Students may bring healthy snacks such as fruit, yogurt, crackers to refuel thier brain. They may also bring a water bottle. Students are responsible for cleaning up after they finish thier snack. 

    Grading Policy

    Math 15 grades

    Reading, Language Arts, Spelling: 8 grades Reading, 7 Grades in Language Arts, 3 Spelling grades, 1 handwriting grade

    Social Studies 10 grades

    Science 10 grades

    Weighted Grades

    ELAR averages will be weighted as follows:

    60% Reading, 30% English/Language Arts, 10% Spelling and Handwriting


    Test grades may be counted as two daily grades, however, a single test or assignment may not count more than 20% of the final 9-week average in any subject.

    We will reteach concepts not mastered. Daily assignments can be corrected, and the two grades will be averaged together. The corrected grade can not be above a 70. Tests can slso be corrected and avereged together with 70 being the highest grade that can be earned. This allows the teacher to reteach the skill and enable the child to become more successful with the content.



    As always, please feel free to contact us through email

    Mrs. Pattie Calk 

    Ms. Marley Wiggins

    Mrs. Kristine Graham

    or call

    Front Office: (512)556-8291

     if you have any questions or concerns.


    **Our conference period is from 8:06-8:55.**