My SLP Homepage

  • I will be spending some time getting everything together but would appreciate any suggestions along the way.

    There are many areas to the website that I know you will find great value in.  My goal is to make the website not just a tool for me, as the speech-language pathologist, to connect with parents, but also a learning tool and resource for families.


    The ability to communicate is one of our most precious gifts.  Think of how different your life would be if you could not communicate by expressing your thoughts, needs, and feelings. Every day, speech-language pathologists help more than 24 million Americans with communication disorders learn to cope and overcome their limitations.  Speech -language pathologists work not only with the way words are pronounced, which is called articulation, but we also treat expressive and receptive language disorders, fluency, voice, pragmatics and a variety of other impairments.  If you have any questions about speech-language therapy, please contact us!