XLR8 and WIN Classes




    XLR8 Classes

    XLR8 Classes are a pull-put program.  These classes meet once a week for either math or reading however, if your child needs both they might be pulled twice a week.  They are pulled from elective classses but if they are attending both reading and math classes, it should never be the same elective twice in a week .  These classes are ussed as review and reinforcement for the regular classrooms.  Reviewing skills to help fill in gaps or change misunderstandings is our first goal.  We also address what is happening in their classrooms and help with reinforcing the new learning that is taking place. There is no homework associated with these classes.


    WIN Class

    (6th grade only)

    WIN is a class designed to help bridge gaps in learning or support those who just need the extra practice time in math and language arts. We meet every day and we adress both topics based on the needs of the students in the class.  We limit the number of students in the class to a small group setting of less than 15.  It is a graded class set up much like an elective where there is no homework but you are expected to participate and complete all assignments. These are given based on current needs/questions from their regular classes for either math or reading/writing and what becomes obvious as gaps as we work with your child.