Science for Eighth Graders

  • Welcome! (Updated March 27, 2020)

    Parents/Guardians: Please don't panic, either about the virus or about online education. We will get through this.

    Please contact me by e-mail at any time. I love to hear from families who are involved with their students. In addition, you can message me on Remind, if that is more convenient. It works like texting, but it doesn't give your phone number to me or mine to you. I have a page all about Remind on this TeacherSite.


    I have put all my assignments and lessons in Google Classroom.

    If they need help, students could send me a message by commenting inside the assignment, in Google Classroom.

    Google Classroom codes, if you need to join, or to rejoin one of my classes. Go to on your Chromebook or phone, click the plus button, and use the code to join.

    1st Period: ltv6v7m (the first character is a lower case L)

    2nd Period: abfcevy

    3rd Period: qvwvbez

    5th Period: gbzq2d4

    6th Period: irep56r (the first character is a lower case I)

    7th Period: vq7syuy