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    7th Grade History is a survey course; that is, we briefly look at the rich history, geography and culture of Texas from Pre-historic times to the Present.  My goal is to help students understand how what happened in the past impacts our present. While Honors students will face additional rigor in their study, all will evaluate the consequences of past events and decisions and determine what lessons can be applied to today's world.   


    Some of the things all my students will work on will include how to:

    - think critically about events and issues
    - comprehend and summarize what they read
    - interpret, analyze, and evaluate primary documents
    - recognize and understand cause and effect relationships
    - understand trends, themes, and human interactions
    - organize information, make inferences, and write about historical topics
    - work individually and/or collaborate with other students
    - create products that demonstrate what has been learned
    - apply information and skills learned


    I do not believe in giving homework just to give it, however, from time to time there will be homework. This will usually occur when we are doing projects or difficult concepts are being taught in the classroom; if homework IS assigned, it is due the following day after being assigned, unless an alternate date is specified when assigned.   If students write the assignment off the board each day, or check my webpage daily, they are less likely to fall behind.
    Please feel free to contact me if you have any question or concern.