Texas History


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    Welcome to Texas History

    Hi, my name is Warren Scott,  I would like to to welcome you to the 2021-2022 school year and the Texas History class.  I would like to thank the parents for the opportunity to assist your children in meeting all required curriculum goals and hope I can help them in some of their personal learning objectives. Lesson plans will be posted weekly to keep you informed on class activitities with in the classroom.  I look forward to interacting with the students and parents this year.  "Lets have a great School year." The following items are needed specifically for this class, Starting the first day of school:

     1. Composition Notebook

    2. pencil or  pen (black or blue ink only)

    3. Markers or Colored pencils 

    4. Glue bottle (last longer)

    5. Sissors



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