7th and 8th GRADE ART - WELCOME


    Welcome to my art class website!

    UPDATED MESSAGE (3/22/20):

    Dear Parents/Guardians/Students:

    I'm sure the recent virus and new way of learning may have some of you feeling a little anxious; but, please don't panic...we will get through this (together!) I plan to have my site updated and new lesson plans posted by Friday, March 27th, so please check back. My goal is to post weekly lesson plans here on this site, but also use Google Classroom for some things. So, if you have not joined (or need to rejoin), please go to classroom.google.com on your chromebook, click on the plus button, & use the following code for your class period to join:

    1st period - nz5pg6o

    2nd period - fycizyh

    5th period - 225obos

    6th period - tuwluhy (4th character is a lower case L)

    7th period - 5azo2r2

    8th period - 2n3gs6v

    I will try to stick to lessons/assignments that require minimal supplies (pencil, paper, colored pencils, etc.) Feel free to use whatever you have available (notebook paper, computer paper, spiral, sketchbook, etc.). If possible, there will be times I may ask you to take a photo of your work with your chromebook, phone, or other available electronic device & email it to me at harrellm@lisdtx.org. If you are unable to do this, please email me and let me know and we will try to work something out.

    *Take care...I miss y'all!


                                         Mrs. Harrell






    First of all, let me say that I am very excited about the upcoming school year.  I look forward to all of the things that we will be doing.  While in art, you will be introduced to several different art styles, learn a variety of art techniques, and have the opportunity to work with a variety of materials.  I hope that you will enjoy this class, as well as learn some new things.  All of the projects that we do in class will be yours to take home at the end of the year.  

    My goal is to make this website a way to better connect with parents and students.  I will have my class schedule listed, weekly lesson plans, a list of required supplies for the class, a tutorial schedule, and student recognition, as well as other things.




    1ST PERIOD  8:00-8:50 - 8TH GRADE (ART 1)

    2ND PERIOD 8:54-9:44 - 8TH GRADE (ART 1)

    3RD PERIOD 9:48-10:38 - CONFERENCE

    4TH PERIOD 10:42-11:18 - PRIME TIME (7TH)

    5TH PERIOD 11:22-12:12 - 8TH GRADE (ART 1)

                                                  12:16-12:46 - LUNCH

    6TH PERIOD 12:50-1:40 - 7TH GRADE

    7TH PERIOD 1:45-2:35 - 7TH GRADE 

    8TH PERIOD 2:40-3:30 - 7TH GRADE