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  • Welcome to LHS Culinary Arts!


     Hello all! Chef Walsh here !

    I have been at Lampasas High School for 4 years and love every minute of it here. Culinary Arts is a passion of mine as it opens up an amazing world to you in taste, knowledge , science , creativity and allot of fun! In our Culinary program you start off in Intro to Culinary Arts, this is where you learn the history of Culinary as well as your knife skills, and saftey & sanitation.  Then you move on to our Culinary Arts 1 class. This is a double block class , here we learn advanced skills using knife , cooking techniques and history . Really fun class as we help with all of our caterings & also go compete in various events around the State. Next we have our Advanced Culinary class, another double block class. Here we put everything together and start to produce meals, menu creation , work on all caterings , competitions and much more . Our practicum class is a work study program where you can either work in the hospitality field outside of school or you will be working on all of our various caterings and our first year of the "The Badger Bistro"! 


    Prepare to work hard , listen, work with others and most important ...HAVE FUN!! 

    Rocking L