When you dance, your purpose is not to get to certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way.

    - Wayne Dyer

    Shelby Hodnett- Rm. E132
    LMS & LHS Dance

    Welcome to the dance class website! This is a place where students and parents can find the year at a glance information. All classwork, extra videos, powerpoints, and high school journal entires will be found on the student's class Canvas site.

    My classroom goal is to teach your student how to appreciate the art of dance and to be able to apply the knowledge that they gain to real life objectives. Dance has been known to combine several different subjects like physics, history, kinesiology, anatomy, and biology, to create works of art that inspire the world.


    My Class Schedule:

    1st    7:55 – 8:40 PE Aerobics

    2nd   8:45 – 9:40 LMS Dance

    3rd   9:41 – 10:18 Conference

    4th   10:21 – 10:45 *Academic Period

    5th   10:49 – 11:30 Dance 2/3/4

    6th   11:34 – 12:23 PE Aerobics

    B    12:27 – 12:53 Lunch

    7th 12:57- 1:34 Dance 1

    8th   1:39 – 2:27 Blue Embers JV Dance and Drill Team

    9th   2:32 – 3:20 Flames Dance and Drill Team

    *Academic Period

    This time during 4th period every day is meant to be used as a tutorial time, homework time, or a period in which students can get caught up on absent/missing work. If you have missing or failing work that needs to be redone for ANY class, this period should be used to complete this work. Please make sure you bring something to work on, and do not ask to go to other teachers during this period.


    Items needed for dance classes:

    • Form Fitting Top

    • Capris or Black Leggings (no shorts allowed)

    • Pink or Black Ballet Slippers (optional)

    • Black Jazz Shoes


    ** There will be extra credit opportunities throughout the school year and will be posted**


    Year at a Glance


    • August:
      • Introduction to Dance; procedures, rules & expectations.
      • Introduction to Nutrition for Dancers
    • September through Novemeber:
      • Ballet Unit
      • Ballet Historical Test
      • Ballet Skills Test
    • November through December:
      • Prepartions for winter dance recital
      • 1st weekend in December: Winter Recital
      • 1st Semester final
    • January through Feburary:
      • Jazz Unit
      • Jazz Historical Test
      • Jazz Skills Test
    • March through April:
      • Modern Unit
      • Modern Historical Test
      • Modern Skills Test
    • April
      • preparation for spring recital
      • Last weekend of April: Spring Dance Showcase
    • May
      • Choreography Unit
      • Choreography Project (also the final)