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    Our Purpose:

    Being a cheerleader is an honor and a privilege.  The purpose is to promote and uphold school spirit, to develop a sense of

    good sportsmanship among students, and to improve the school/community relationship during school-sponsored events. 

    Through the development of leadership, cooperation, self-discipline, and teamwork in each individual member, the

    organization shall fulfill its purpose for the benefit of LHS and its students.  



    2022-23 Lampasas High School Squads





    Captain:  Bella Lindsey


    Social Officers:  Karissa Perez & Ryan Wiley


    Squad Members: 


    Tatum Duncan, Ellie Eicher, Myna Maldonado


    Liliana Miller, Neely Miller, Cadence Stephens


    Pacey Underwood, Trinity Watkins, Julia Ybarra




    Jacie & Janie Resa


    Junior Varsity


    Addison Berry, Chandler Boultinghouse, Toby Brooks-Potter, 


    Laylah Bryant, Brennan Herring, Caitlin Knox,


    Johnnie Lewis, Krista McManus, Hailey Palmer, 


    Aubrey Stubbs, Tyler Wells






    Cadence Craddock, Jetzalie Guzman, Peighton Hamilton,


    Emberli Lindsey, Ava Miller, Kennedy Ramos,


    Jacie Resa, Josslyn Romine, Cadence Webber, Jordan Winfree