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Andrew Leach

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Lampasas Middle School. I am very excited to begin a great year of meaningful learning and exciting discoveries as we explore the rich history of the United Sates of America. Parents, students, and teachers working together and communicating effectively is the key to student success. Please feel free to contact me any time at I will do my best to address your concerns in any way I can.


Knowledge of Social Studies will let you better understand the exotic and exciting places of the world, and the cultures of the interesting people who live there. You will also gain a greater understanding of our own culture and what it means to be American. 


**Late Work Policy**

Any work done during a given 9-week grading period can be turned in late for up to 90% credit as long as I receive it before the end of that 9-week grading period. Late work received after the 9-week grading period will only be accepted under special or extenuating circumstances as an official grade change request will be required to input the grade for that assignment.