Coach Reynolds
  • Howdy, 

    I am Coach Reynolds and I will be one of the 7th and 8th Grade Boy's Athletics coaches this year doing Football, Basketball and Track and Field. A little about myself is one, that I love to go to dancing at country concerts. Two I love the sport of Soccer, it is by far my favorite and the sport that I played the longest. Along with being one of the coaches, I am also a Physical Education teacher here at the middle school. I am new to the district but I can't wait for the year to begin so we can hit the ground running. If you ever need to get ahold of me, drop me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can. My email is so please feel free to reach out. 

    My goal is to help your student learn a little more about not only some of the different sports but also some things that they can do to help them stay in good shape all while having fun. Different modifications that can scaffold the activity we are doing so everyone is able to participate and have a great time. All I ask of my students is to respect one another as well as myself. I will surely do the same and as I said before, I can't wait for the year to get going and become more apart of this Badger family we have here in Lampasas.