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Mrs. Munguia

     Mrs. Munguia runs the sensory lab, and this is her fourth year at Taylor Creek as a special education paraprofessional. She not only is in charge of our sensory lab; she built a sensory path accessible to all students at TCE, and creates sensory bins and activities for our students and adds them to the lab regularly. We are so lucky to have her! 


     In addition to running the sensory lab, Mrs. Mungia also supports students within the general education classroom for inclusion services and helps with SERTI as well. 


Mrs. Munguia has put together a great list of resources for sensory activities and The Zones of Regulation below: 



This is a very good link that explains sensory bins. I love that is has lists with non-food and edible filler items.

"Sensory bins are a fantastic way to encourage hands on learning and exploration with your child! We kinda love them around here! What is a Sensory Bin? A sensory bin is a large tub or container that is filled with some sort of “filler” material and various objects that are intentionally picked out to stimulate."

Guided meditations for kids. They especially love "The Friendly Whale".

The Friendly Whale: (about 18 minutes long)

Your Guardian Wolf: (about 18 minutes long)

Mindfulness for Kids and Adults: (about 3 1/2 minutes long)

Breathing Meditation for Kids: (about 1 minute long)

GoNoodle videos to get some wiggles OUT -  the opposite from meditation:

Peanut Butter in a Cup:


Purple Stew:

Boom Chika Boom:

Banana Banana Meatball:

Clap it out:

Here are some ideas for sidewalk chalk games. Those are super easy and fun sensory walks. Just think: Hopscotch! 🙂

Zones of Regulation

"The Zones of Regulation is a complete social-emotional learning curriculum, created to teach children self-regulation and emotional control. It’s often taught in school or therapy settings but the curriculum is appropriate for parents to teach at home, too."