Badger Reading Buddies

    We meet nearly every Wednesday at the Lampasas Public Library from 4-5.  Our goal is to provide mentoring time for young readers to read with an older, wiser, more experienced reader, someone they admire and emulate...YOU!  Join our Remind Class with code 779624  for weekly reminders and notice of cancellations.  We'd love to have you every Wednesday, but understand you're so busy, so we'll be happy with the Wednesdays you can give us.  


    Books & Badgers

    One Saturday a month, we host a Books & Badgers event at the Public Library from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.  Come hang out and help youngsters with their understanding of the stories, then join us for arts & crafts and snacks.  This year's dates are as follows.

    • Sept. 15th
    • Oct. 13th
    • Nov. 3rd
    • Dec. 8th
    • Jan. 12th
    • Feb. 9th
    • Mar. 2nd
    • Apr. 6th
    • May 4th



    Public Library Teen Advisory Board

    Teen Advisory Group