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    School Nurses Provide Back-to-School Checklist for Parents!

    For Parents Who Have Students with a Health Concern:

    • Make your child’s health concern known to the school and school nurse.
    • Introduce yourself and your child to the school nurse.
    • Bring current signed healthcare provider orders.
    • Together with the school nurse and other appropriate school officials, develop an individualized healthcare plan.
    • Give permission for the school nurse to communicate with your family’s healthcare provider.
    • Provide parent/guardian contact information and update the school with any changes.
    • Ask if non-nurses will be providing care (for example, verify who will administer medication) and how these authorized individuals will be supervised.
    • Confirm the school’s disaster/emergency plan. Make sure your child’s medication and/or medical devices (epinephrine auto-injectors, asthma inhalers, insulin, etc.) will be readily available in an emergency.

    For All Parents and Students:

    • Make sure immunizations are up-to-date. 
    • Review hygiene tips to prevent the spread of infections.
    • Establish a bedtime and wake-up time to ensure adequate and consistent sleep.
    • Develop a routine for homework and after school activities.
    • Help make appropriate clothing choices (for example, wear comfortable and safe shoes).
    • Keep an open line of communication with your child to ensure that he/she remains safe at school. If a concern arises (such as bullying), contact the appropriate school officials immediately.
    • Get involved! Sign up for the parent organization (PTSO), School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC), and mark events such as back-to-school night and parent/teacher meetings on your calendar.
    • Ask about the school or district’s wellness policy (for example, how does the school address nutrition, activity, stress and mental health concerns).

    Together we can ensure your child has a successful school year!!


    Severe Food Allergy Management Plan

    Allergy Information Letter

    Family History Form

    Responsibility Contract


    Flu  information

    Flu information from the CDC

    Letter to parents


    Head Lice

    Head lice are an annoying pest that have been around since the dinosaurs.  At Lampasas ISD, we realize what an inconvenience having head lice is for the student and the parents.  We monitor cases of head lice closely and take a pro-active approach to preventing the spread of head lice.  Lampasas ISD follows the guidelines set by the Texas Department of State Health Services. The Texas Department of State Health Services suggests that students who are found to have lice-eggs (nits) should stay in school.

    You can learn more about the state guidelines at


    There are also great educational resources on this website.  

    If you find head lice in your child's hair, please contact the nurse at your child's school.