Health Insurance Open Enrollment

  • Health Insurance Open Enrollment Effective September 1, 2019


    2019-20 TRS Enrollment Guide for all Health Plan Options

    2019-20 TRS Enrollment Guide for all Health Plan Options (Spanish)


    Health Insurance Open Enrollment is from August 1, 2019 to August 15, 2019 for all Lampasas ISD employees including substitutes. – To ensure you receive updated insurance cards, all applications must be submitted during this enrollment period.

    1. During Open Enrollment, all employees and substitutes will be required to complete an online enrollment/declination with a First Financial Representative at the same time that you decline/enroll in any cafeteria benefits. Be aware that all health insurance plans have price changes and benefit changes effective September 1, 2019.
    2. If you are making any of the following changes, you must make the changes with a First Financial representative or through the online open enrollment process:
      • Health Plan Changes: ActiveCare 1-HD, ActiveCare Select, ActiveCare 2, FirstCare, or Scott & White (no new enrollment to ActiveCare 2 is allowed in 2019-20)
      • Coverage Changes: Employee Only, Employee & Spouse, Employee & Children, or Employee & Family
      • Dependent Coverage Changes: (addition and/or removal of dependents -- this MUST be done even if you are declining all dependents)
      • Declining Coverage (not previously declined): including all dependents (self, spouse, and/or children) Declining Health Coverage for dependent(s) including spouse who may or may not have health insurance is VERY IMPORTANT. Spouses that both work for the school district need to make sure whoever is not carrying health insurance for your entire family (one or both of you) will need to decline all dependents (including spouse) not covered by you.
      • Any other change in name, address, etc.
    3. Please make sure you have this information available before you begin the online process or meet with a First Financial Representative (see below for dates that the First Financial Representatives will be available to help you with the online enrollment process -- we strongly encourage you to bring the information below and let First Financial Representative help you with the enrollment):
      • Your social security number and birthdate.
      • Your dependents (spouse and/or children) social security number(s) and birthdate(s) - even if you are declining all coverage for your dependents.
      • Decision on what Health Insurance Plan you will enroll in or if you plan to decline all health insurance for you and your dependents (reason for declining).

    Once you have the information above, you may go to First Financial's website to register online.  Online Enrollment Instructions are available on page 2 in the Benefits Overview Guide provided by First Financial.


    First Financial Representatives will be available to enroll employees and substitutes(see below for dates, times, and locations):

    August 1st  8:00am-4:00pm at LISD Board Room - 207 West 8th Street
    August 7th  7:30am-3:00pm Staff Development Day - setup w/vendors @ LHS - 2716 South Hwy 281
    August 14th  8:00am-4:00pm at LISD Board Room - 207 West 8th Street


    New Insurance Cards will be sent to all Employees enrolled in Scott and White, First Care and anyone that makes any changes in their health plan selection or dependents.   Active Care insurance plans are with 'Aetna' and Prescription Drug Card is from 'Caremark'.


    Summary of Changes from plan year 2018-19 to plan year 2019-20 – Effective September 1, 2019 (Not an all inclusive list, please see TRS Enrollment Guide and individual health plans for more information.)

    • Rate Changes -- 2019-20 Health Insurance Rates.
    • Benefit Changes related to deductibles, co-pays for services, co-insurance, out-of-pocket maximums, and prescription drugs.  See Summary of Changes and the TRS Enrollment Guide.
    • Enrollees may make plan changes during the plan year due to a special enrollment event, a court order is considered a special enrollment event (within 31 days after the event date).
    • A special enrollment event will allow individuals who voluntarily drop coverage during the plan year to re-enroll within 31 days after the special event date.
    • Review provider list for any changes/additions/deletions in hospitals, clinics, doctors, etc.  Be aware that the provider list for ActiveCare Select is different if you live in specific counties.  See more information at the "Find a Doctor" link on the Aetna website.


    For additional information on Health Insurance click here