LMS Yearbook Ordering Information

2021 LMS Yearbook Cover.
  • Order A LMS Yearbook Online:

    2022-2023 LMS Yearbooks have 52 copies left.  We will be handing out purchased yearbooks on Friday, May 12th during school lunches. 

    2022-2023 LMS Yearbooks will be on sale in August 2022.  NOW!!!!!!  The LMS Yearbook will 92 Pages this year.  We will be getting more student life activities and events than ever before!  We anticipate selling out this year too, thanks to you.

    Yearbooks may be purchased with credit or debit cards.  Yearbooks purchased online are purchased directly through the publisher.  Purchasing information is immediately updated with the LMS Yearbook Advisor. If you need an order form, check with the front office or have your student come by room 500. 

    $35.00 right now as the year progresses, the price from our publisher goes up to $40.00 then finally at the end of the year $45.00.

    Link for online payment:  Click The Banner Link Below to purchase online. 


    LMS 2019 Yearbook