Superintendent Message


    Greetings Lampasas ISD and Community,  

    What an honor and a privilege to be a Badger! Thanks to everyone for such a wonderful welcome and extending such great community support for our school system.  Lampasas is a wonderful place we are proud to call our home.  Below is the established mission and goals that were approved by the board many years ago.  While reviewing and updating these guiding principles will be an important part of our work, it is important to understand the foundation that got us where we are:   

    Mission Statement 

    The mission of the Lampasas Independent School District is to develop and encourage life-long learners and to share in the responsibility of educating the total child.  The District strives to prepare the students physically, mentally, socially and morally toward the full realization of their highest capacities.  

    District Goals  

    1. The students in the Lampasas ISD will demonstrate exemplary performance in mathematics, science social studies, and the reading and writing of the English language. 

    2. Lampasas ISD will offer and provide a challenging and rigorous curriculum so students meet their full educational potential.  

    3. Lampasas ISD will maintain a safe and disciplined environment conducive to student learning. 

    4. Lampasas ISD will recruit, develop and retain qualified and highly effective personnel.  

    5. Lampasas ISD will encourage communication so parents and community members are active partners in the education and activities of all students.  

    6. Lampasas ISD will implement and use technology to increase the effectiveness of the digital learner, instructional management, staff development and administration. 

    7. Lampasas ISD will plan and use resources available to provide and maintain educational facilities.  

    8. Lampasas ISD will plan and use fiscal responsibility to meet the educational needs of the students. 


    Thanks again for your continued support of our district.  Together, we will meet and exceed these goals.  

    Chane Rascoe, Ed.D.


    Lampasas ISD