• Related services help children with disabilities benefit from their special education by providing extra help and support in needed areas, such as speaking or moving. Related services can include, but are not limited to, any of the following:

    • speech-language pathology and audiology services
    • interpreting services
    • psychological services
    • physical and occupational therapy
    • recreation, including therapeutic recreation
    • early identification and assessment of disabilities in children
    • counseling services, including rehabilitation counseling
    • orientation and mobility services
    • medical services for diagnostic or evaluation purposes
    • school health services and school nurse services
    • social work services in schools
    • parent counseling and training


    Center for Parent Information and Resources 
    June 12, 2017
    Related Services, Newark, NJ, U.S. Office of Special Education Programs


  • Stacy Martin
    Adaptive PE - martins@lisdtx.org

    Visual Impairment - britschk@lisdtx.org

    Orientation & Mobility Specialist


    Tonya Cockburn
    Occupational Therapy-cockburnt@lisdtx.org

    Margo Pace
    Physical Therapist - pacem@lisdtx.org

    Nina Richmond
    Auditory Impairment

    Casey Smart
    Dyslexia Coordinator - smartc@lisdtx.org

    Beverly Spencer
    Director of Transportation - spencerb@lisdtx.org

    Brooke Radabaugh
    Speech Language Pathologist-radabaughb@lisdtx.org

Last Modified on June 1, 2022