Employee Benefits

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    Health/Group Insurance
    The district currently contributes towards the cost of the basic premium for each employee who elects to participate in the employee health plan.  The district is a participant in the state TRS Care Insurance program. Insurance options include BlueCross BlueShield and Scott and White. 

    Life Insurance
    All full-time regular employees receive a term life insurance policy paid by the school district.  The amount depends on whether the employee uses the health insurance benefit provided.  A $20,000 policy is provided for those who elect to carry a health insurance policy with the school district.  A $50,000 policy is provided for those who do not elect to carry a health insurance policy with the school district. 

    Other Insurance Benefits
    Supplemental insurance is available at employee expense for added medical and dental coverage as well as other options for cancer, disability, accidental death, and life insurance coverage.  Other employee insurance protections such as COBRA, Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Compensation are also in effect.

    Personal leave
    5 State days
    5 Local days 

    Pay Dates
    All administrators, teachers, and paraprofessional employees are paid on the fifteenth of each month.  Auxiliary staff are paid on a bi-weekly basis.

    Direct Deposit of Pay Check
    All employees are eligible including temps and substitutes.  Payroll information is available to all employees through Employee Access.

    Professional Growth Opportunities
    Training programs are provided for professional growth opportunities in a variety of areas including in-service workshops. 

    Tax-Sheltered Annuity (TSA)
    Employees may contribute to a tax-sheltered 403(b) or 457 account for retirement annuity purposes.  Contributions made to a 403(b) or 457 reduce the participant’s compensation for purposes of federal income tax sheltering. 

    Flexible Benefits
    A “Section 125” Cafeteria plan saves the employees’ dollars by allowing pre-tax dollars to be spent on insurance premiums, medical expenses, and child care expenses (limits and other restrictions apply). 

    Texas Teacher Retirement
    All employees participate in the Texas Teacher Retirement System.  For more information go to www.trs.state.tx.us.