• First Grade Spelling Words for the entire school year.   Teachers may add sight words or alter slightly.

    We usually test on the last day of the school week.  You can help your child study by having him/her read, write, trace, & spell aloud the words.  Make it fun by varying the writing:   pens, markers, chalk, sand, sugar, etc.  Make with clay!  All letters should be lower case unless it is a proper noun.  Important that your child not make reversals as some teachers count those wrong.  Remind your child to check his/her desk or the classroom wall for a model for known problem letters.  Some teachers will have the students flip over the spelling paper & write dictated sentences.  It is important that sentences begin with a capital letter & end with proper punctuation.  Some teachers may take a handwriting grade as well as an English (dictation) & spelling grade from the weekly test.

    1-1  man, cat, hat, mat, ran, can, up, not, that, flat

    1-2:  dad, sad, nap, tap, sack, back, man, cat, it, too

    1-3:   pin, win, hit, sit, miss, kiss, sad, nap, be run,

    1-4:  clip, flip, slip, flag, black, plan, win, sit, come, good

    1-5:  land, sand, fast, past, sink, wink, flip, black, very, use

    2-1:  hop, top, log, hog, hot, lot, fast, wink, our, they

    2-2:  leg, beg, men, hen, let, get, top, lot, no, some

    2-3:  spill, spin, grab, grass, trap, trip, men, let, out, many

    2-4:  run, fun, nut, cut, bug, rug, grass, spin, could, one

    2-5:  fish, shop, ship, with, thin, thank, run, bug, want, all

    3-1:  make, take, came, game, gate, late, shop, with, why, school

    3-2:  like, spike, ride, hide, bike, mine, make, came, how, there

    3-3:  whip, whale, catch, match, chin, chop, like, ride, your, from

    3-4:  hope, nose, note, rope, cute, cube, chop, whale, old, new

    3-5:  strike, string, splash, split, scrub, scrap, nose, cute, does, girl

    4-1:  mail, chain, play, rain, way, day, string, split, walked, eight

    4-2:  me, feet, seat, we, keep, beak, play, rain, give, write

    4-3:  low, boat, no, row, coat, go we, keep, move, better

    4-4:  find, night, by, kind, right, my, boat, no, never, should

    4-5:  bumpy, puppy, funny, penny, sandy, bunny, my, night, or, because

    5-1:  her, bird, fur, fern, dirt, burn, funny, penny, fully, through

    5-2:  cart, barn, arm, art, yarn, harm, her, dirt, would, house

    5-3:  born, cork, horn, corn, fork, pork, barn, arm, know, great

    5-4:  cow, town, mouse, how, out, mouth, born, fork, fall, sure

    5-5:  spoil, coin, join, joy, toy, boy, town, mouse, eyes, enough

    6-1:  book, look, cook, took, hood, wood, toy, coin, mother, love

    6-2:  haul, cause, saw, claw, paw, dawn, book, took, nothing, along

    6-3:  retry, reuse, remake, unpack, unsafe, unlike, saw, cause, goes, build

    6-4:  dentist, happen, protect, begin, rabbit, baby, reuse, unpack, before, been

    6-5:  apple, table, purple, circle, turtle, title, happen, begin, certain, minutes