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    Snack Procedures and Routines


    Snack and Water Bottle Information

     1st Grade

    We will have a short working snack time in the afternoon.  Eating a small snack helps the students retain focus on learning rather than their growling tummies. The district nutrition department does not provide snack, so that responsibility falls upon the parents.

    In order to more efficiently optimize our learning time, we are asking that each child bring his/her own snack each day.  Sending a snack with your child is certainly optional, but please understand that if your child does not bring snack for himself, he will not have snack that day.  If that is okay with you and your child, then that is okay with us, too.

    Please help your child choose healthy snacks for school.  Below are foods suggested for school snacks by the Texas Department of Agriculture.  If your child’s snack requires a fork or spoon, please be sure and send that with your child from home.

    Texas Department of Agriculture School Snack Recommendations


    animal crackers

    graham crackers

    wheat crackers

    fruit grain bars

    fresh fruit

    dry cereal

    Fresh veggies

    baked tortilla chips

    cheese crackers

    low-fat string


    fruit, nut and/or

    grain trail mixes

    rice cakes or mini

    rice cakes

    Gold fish crackers


    fruit cups packed in 100% fruit juice


    (We do not all have an accessible refrigerator, though)



    We also encourage all of our students to bring a water bottle filled with WATER each day, especially during the hot weather months.  It is very important for the students to stay hydrated.  Having their personal water bottles in the classroom helps them drink when they need a drink without losing learning time walking to the water fountain.  It also helps them stay healthier since they aren’t sharing any germs that might be on the public fountain.  For water bottles in the classroom to work, we all need to follow these guidelines.

    1. Water bottles should have only plain water.  Please do not send water bottles with juice or any kind of flavored water.
    2. Students need to come to class with their water bottles already filled.  We will not take class time to fill water bottles at the beginning of the day.  Students will be able to refill water bottles during the day if needed.
    3. Students’ water bottles need to be labeled with their name.
    4. Since the students will be able to get drinks as needed during work time, water bottles should have some kind of top that is NOT a screw-on top to prevent whole bottles of water spilling on work and books.  Sports bottles or straw bottles usually work well.

    Following these guidelines should provide a no-hassle, healthy way for our students to stay powered up and hydrated each day.