Genre Study

  • Characteristics of Genre

    Genre- The word genre means type or kind.  We use genres as a system to classify or sort books by their common characteristics.



    1.   A shortened form of writing

    2.   Figurative Language such as metaphors, similes & personification

    3.   Author’s expression of feelings & opinions

    4.   May follow a form or structure


    Traditional Literature

    1.   Stories passes down by generations by oral storytelling

    2.   Myths, legends, folktales, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, tall tales

    3.   These stories can be foundations for fantasy stories



    1.   Characters: talking animals, mythical creatures, magic users

    2.   Setting: often medieval, time-travel & magic

    3.   Plot: heroes, journey or quest, often good vs. evil


    Science Fiction

    1.   Characters: mutants, robots, aliens, mad scientists, talking computers

    2.   Setting: advanced, tech-cities, spaceships, solar systems, galaxy, time travel, technology

    3.   Plot: alien attacks or visits, time travel, technology, important experiments gone wrong


    Realistic Fiction

    1.   Characters: real people doing everyday things

    2.   Setting: modern times, realistic places

    3.   Plot: realistic events


    Historical Fiction

    1.   Characters: famous historical people may be in story  along with “regular” and/or significant people

    2.   Setting: pre- 1980’s , could be located in historical places/ important sites of the past

    3.   Plot: authentic, historical events


    1.   Characters: detectives, investigators, spies

    2.   Setting: could be a crime scene, detective agency, creepy dark houses

    3.   Plot: crime or mysterious events & clues= solution

    Biography, Autobiography & Memoir

    1.   Biography- story of someone’s life written by someone else

    2.   Autobiography- story of someone’s life written by themselves

    3.   Memoir- a short account of the author’s experiences written by themselves



    1.   Purpose is to provide the reader with information on a wide range of topics

    2.   Non-Fiction Reading…..NOT MADE UP

    3.   Science, history, crafts, sports & articles

    4.   A reader might compare selections for true facts and false facts…