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    Dear Parents, 
    If your child is enrolled in one of my Honors classes, you are looking in the right place! This page will have information, specific to their class and my expectations for your Honors English student.
    As you know, Honors classes are tougher, move faster and usually have a larger work load. It is my expectation that your child can keep up if signed up for Honors.  This class is designed for students who like a challenge and do not get flustered with the work load. In addition, it is expected and required that your child read on grade level or above. If it is apparent that your child is struggling with reading on 8th grade level, I will speak with your child and contact you about the possibility of your child being moved to a regular reading classroom. I want the best for your child to include being in the best possible classroom environment to meet their needs.
    Daily Work: This is work completed in class and homework assignments.This is not just for my Honors classes, this is for ALL my classes. The daily grades are weighted at 50%, test grades are also 50% of the overall grade. We work diligently on reading,  comprehension skills, fluency, short answer responses, responding to literature, and critical thinking skills in this class. Students are expected to practice good work ethics and put forth maximum effort on all assignments. When there is something that was not understood, students are expected to ask for help. We are working towards high scores for the upcoming STAAR Reading test scheduled for early May. As a Pre-AP student, I am looking for your child, by May, to earn a Commended Advance ranking. We have plenty of time to polish the rough spots and become fluent, critical readers.  For Honors students, I do grade harder because my expectation is higher. 
    I will be speaking to my Honors classes about this in the first few days of classes and they know my expectations. With all of that being said, I tell them to be proud of their work and give me their best every time. 
    If you ever have any questions or concerns about your child's grades or work ethic in my class, please do not hesitate to email me or set up a parent/teacher conference. If your child feels that they are not able to maintain excellent grades and keep up with the work required, they may see the counselor to become a part of my regular Literature class.
    Please see my tutorial times if your child is in need. If they cannot make those times, I would be happy to schedule a different time to meet their needs.
    Thank you for sharing your child with me and for supporting my expectations.
    Mary McCatherine