Science Syllabus

  • 6th Grade Science and Honors Science

    Instructor:        Cassidy Stapp                                                                      

    Course:           6th Grade Science       

    School Phone:  512-556-3101                                                                                                                             


    Year at a Glance:


    1st Nine Weeks


    Unit 01:  Safety & Procedures


    Unit 02:  Physical Properties of Matter


    Unit 03:  Elements

    2nd Nine Weeks


    Unit 04:  Compounds


    Unit 05:  Energy Resources


    Unit 06:  Conservation of Energy

    3rd Nine Weeks


    Unit 07:  Force & Motion


    Unit 08:  Solar System & Exploration


    Unit 09:  Earth Materials

    4th Nine Weeks


    Unit 10:  Plate Tectonics


    Unit 11:  Taxonomic Groups


    Unit 12:  Ecosystems










    Supplies:  Chromebook charged, ear buds, pen, pencil, scissors, glue

    Textbook:  Class set/ Online tech book

    Expectations:  All students are expected to follow the rules to help make every learning experience successful for themselves and their peers.









    Suggestions for performing your best in class.


    1. Form a study group with friends. Work with your classmates on assignments both in and out of class. Collaborate on work, but don’t copy other student’s work.


    2. Attend tutorials when you are having trouble finishing an assignment. Do not wait until the morning of the day that an assignment is due to come in for help.


    3. Manage your time wisely. Expect to spend several days working on individual projects and studying for AP style quizzes and tests.


    4. Don’t get discouraged. When you are feeling overwhelmed or helpless, seek encouragement from family and friends and from your instructor.


    5. Keep up with the work. Make corrections to homework in a timely manner, complete your assignments as soon as you receive them, and, when you are absent, work diligently to get back on track as soon as possible.


    6. Push yourself to perform better on each and every quiz and test. Progress is much more important than a grade on one particular assessment. Analyze your performance and find ways to improve on subsequent assessments.


    7. Keep your eye on the goal. You are taking this class to prepare yourself for rigorous AP courses and college level coursework in the future. Remember when you are struggling that the reward is worth your efforts.