JrVASE (Junior Visual Arts Scholastic Event) Results for 2016

  • On Saturday, April 30, 2016, five LMS students traveled to Midway Middle School with art teacher Misti Harrell and competed in the regional Jr. VASE competition (Visual Art Scholastic Event). Each student submitted artwork to be judged as well as participated in a 10-minute interview session.  Out of the 10 artworks submitted from Lampasas, all 10 pieces received a Superior rating and a Regional medal, and 6 of those artworks received perfect scores.  In addition to the students who won Regional medals, one of those students also won a State medal as well.

    The following are the results from the competition:

    Nicole Gillham – 2 Superior Regional medals; 2 perfect scores

    Kayla Harrell – 2 Regional medals; 1 State medal; 1 perfect score

    Erin Loya – 2 Regional medals; 1 perfect score

    Elena Ramirez – 2 Regional medals

    Victoria Renteria – 2 Regional medals; 2 perfect scores