• Monday's Classes Tullius, Niswonger, Misercola, Roland, Randolph, Crook and Borland  "It's Christmas Everywhere" 

    Tuesday's Classes Tolliver, Mickan, Mitchell, Cox, Porter, Brooks and Dewald "It's Christmas Everywhere"

    Wednesday's Classes Spillar, Schoonover, Cadran, Becerra, Dekort and Jorstad "It's Christmas Everywhere" (1st & 2nd swapped in order...oops)

    Thursday's Classes West, Alvarado, Mastrian, Gilligan, Mays and McQueen "It's Christmas Everywhere"

    A Historic Look at how Christmas is celebrated around the world through the eyes of brand new room elf "Artie"

    "It's Christmas Everywhere" script

     Artie's finished Diorama

    Artie paper doll on white background

    Artie the room elf

    It's Christmas Everywhere in 2020 script for Pk-5th grade

    Pre K sings Santa Claus is Coming to Town

    Kindergarten sings Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

    1st grade sings Jingle Bells (American Style)

    2nd grade sings A La Nanita Nana

    3rd grade sings Kling Glockchen Kling

    4th grade sings Aussie Jingle Bells (different than face to face)

    5th grade sings Kyoshi Kono Yoru (Silent Night in Japanese)

    “It’s Christmas Everywhere” is a historic look at the ways Christmas is celebrated around the world through the eyes of brand new elf Artie who knows nothing about Christmas and TCE students will educate.  We will be creating paper puppet characters and performing a play with songs in a diorama or flat background that will then be recorded and compiled for a Virtual Pageant instead of the traditional stage performance for face to face learners.  Home learners will create their own play to be performed for your family.  Each grade level will learn about a particular country, exploring cultural traditions.  5th grade will explore Japan.  4th grade will explore Australia, 3rd grade will explore Germany.  2nd grade will explore Mexico, 1st grade, Kinder and PK will explore America and how our traditions have changed over the years (why do we hang stockings? Why put up a tree?).  As a home learner, you will be doing your own research in order to create your paper doll puppet and a background OR a diorama to perform in front of.