• Lampasas ISD Covid Resources:



    First Day Information for LMS:

    • Day 1 Arrival Procedures – Students will be provided assistance and a schedule in all locations
      • Students eating breakfast will report to the cafeteria.
      • 6th Grade Students – Will enter through the front doors of the school and will be directed to the old gym.
      • 7th and 8th Grade students will report to the B.F. Gym.


    • Student Face Masks or Shields– Will be worn at all times while on campus except when participating in P.E./athletics, band, while eating, or during occasional mask/shield breaks initiated by a teacher. This would constitute a teacher escorting students to an outdoor area and ensuring students are a minimum of 6 feet apart during the break.


    • Lunch – Students bringing a lunch from home will keep it with them until their lunch period.
      • Lunch cabinets and microwaves will be removed to promote hygiene.
      • Parents bringing lunch to a student will place the item in a cabinet located on the front steps of the school. Please ensure that sack/container is marked with your child’s name and that they are expecting the lunch to be delivered.
      • Student seating will be arranged to promote social distancing.