Class Syllabus

  •  LISD Dance

    Course Syllabus


    Mrs. Hodnett


    Conference Time: 9:45-10:30 a.m.(Appointment Only)

    Office: E132 at Lampasas H.S.                

    Office Number: (512) 564-2310 ext. 2320



    Welcome to LISD Dance!

    I am excited to begin the journey of learning about dance with you. Dance is a colorful, expressive art form that I am personally passionate about. No matter your background or interest, dance can assist in your journey of life.

    You can find information for class throughout the year on my teacher website. If needing email me, please put in the title your last name, your first name, the period you are in, and what grade you are in. This will help me sort through all my wonderful new students and help me answer your email as quickly as possible.

    Let’s have a fantastic year!

    -Mrs. Hodnett


    Course Description

    The Dance Program is designed to assist the student with the development of self-confidence, body awareness, rhythm, coordination, as well as physical fitness. The program will focus on studying the beginning forms of dance, dance skills, technique, choreography, and dance vocabulary. Students will also engage in basic aerobic fitness and conditioning.




    The following units will be covered:

    -          Ballet

    -    Music Charting

    -    Intro to Theatre

    -          Winter Showcase Performance Rehearsal

    -          Jazz

    -          Modern

    -          Spring Show Performance Rehearsal

    -          Choreography

    -           Social and Cultural Dance




    50% Daily Grades & 50% Major Grades

    Daily Grades Include:

    -          Daily Dress Out- 10 pts. /day = 50 pts. for the week

    -          Daily Effort/ Participation- 10 pts. / day = 50 pts. for the week

    -          Written Journal Assignments- Scale of 50 pts. per week

    Major Grades Include:

    -          Skill Tests

    -          Routine Tests

    -          Written Tests

    -          Average of Daily Grade

    *Extra Credit is Available Upon Request*

    **I follow LISD’s grading policies, including rules for late work**



    Non-Participation / Sick / Forgot Clothes

    Students with an issue (clothes, health, physical) preventing them from fully participating in class will be given a written assignment to complete during class for the daily participation points. To sit out completely, the student must have a note that is dated and signed by a doctor at the beginning of class. A note from the school nurse is acceptable. If you are unable to participate for more than three days, you must bring a note from your doctor.  Additionally, you must continue dressing out to earn the daily points for that day! Your grade will be affected if you do not dress out.




    I follow the district make up work policy (one day per absence unless otherwise arranged). You are expected to request help or make up work upon returning to class. Students are responsible for making up work in a timely manner or can receive a zero. Missing class due to school disciplinary placement will also result in daily grades of a zero unless the alternative assignments provided are completed for during the absence from class. Excessive tardies will result in conferences, detention, or poor conduct grades described in the school’s tardy policy.



    Locker Room/ Gymnasium Policy

    Misconduct in the bathrooms and dance studio will not be tolerated. This includes:

    -          Stealing          

    -          Smoking

    -          Fighting

    -          Inappropriate Language & Conversations

    -          No Cell Phone Use Allowed NO EXCEPTIONS!

    -          Students will change in the bathrooms or locker rooms

    -           Teachers are NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost/stolen items

    Class Expectations:

    -          Absolutely no talking during class

    -          Actively stretch during warm up

    -          Be aware of spacing

    -          Apply any corrections given to you

    -          Practice on your own

    -          Respect others & do not hinder their experience to learn



    What to Wear

    Hair must be secured back out of your face at all times.NO SHORTS! As stated above, you must dress out every day unless notified otherwise. You will have two weeks (Sept. 8th is the deadline) to get your class clothes before it starts to affect your grade

    -          Black Leotard

    -          Black Capris or Black Leggings (NO JEGGINGS)

    -          Pink or Black Ballet Slippers

    -          Black Jazz Shoes (Needed in January)

    -          One Journal or Notebook

    -          Pens and Pencils

    -          Color Utensils (pencils, markers, crayons)

    -          ** There will be extra credit opportunities throughout the school year and will be posted**



    Performance Opportunities

    You will have specific attire required for performances and is the student’s responsibility to attain these items unless otherwise provided by the teacher. Any items on loan from the teacher must be returned the following Monday after the performance. Performance opportunities include participation in the Flames Spring Dance Showcase. It is not mandatory to perform in the showcase, but it is greatly encouraged.