• Jazz Vocabulary

    Releve- to lift through the ankles and rise on top on the balls of the feet

    Battement Kick- a one leg extension brushing foward

    Grand Jete- a leap with the front leg in battement and back leg turned out

    Plie- bending of the knee

    Axel- whipping the right leg around into a double tuck with the left leg

    Calypso- low fan with the right leg into the air and left leg in attitude

    Toe Touch- leaning your chest slightly forward with hips pushing back to straddle

    Russian- a leap where one leg develops into straddle as the other brushes up into a toe touch position

    Chaine- connecting turns on releve

    Chasse- step together step with feet kissing in the air

    Stationary Leap- a leap where both legs swing up into a split position in the air

    Barrel Turn- reaching opposite arm to opposite leg twist the upper body towards the back bringing one leg into passe

    Kick Ball Change- kick with right leg to step back and change weight with left ending with the left in front

    Jazz Strut- walking on releve with one leg coming through passe

    Pas de Bourre- step side back side front

    Pirouette- one leg in releve and other leg in passe while completing a rotation

    Pique Turns- a full turn performed on one leg that is in releve while the other is in a turned out passe

    Knee Falls- starting on your knees, lean forward to catch yourself with your hands before gentle continuing to the ground

    Hitch Kick- bring one leg into passe and as you drop the leg battment kick to the front landing in plie

    Passe Hop- hopping on one leg the other leg comes into passe