• Update from Mrs. Cummings - 04/07/20


    Good evening parents:

    This is just a friendly reminder about our packet pick up tomorrow. I apparently caused some confusion with my prior email, and I’m sorry for that. Hopefully this will clear things up. If you still have questions or concerns, please email me at or call the office at TCE.

    We will be doing a paper packet handout tomorrow, Wednesday, April 8, from 9 am to 3 pm in the back driveway of the school. All handouts are in one manila envelope, but some grade levels are sending home consumable textbooks as well. In following current CDC and TEA guidelines, paper and cardboard needs to sit for 24 hours before being handled in order to avoid the sharing of the virus. Please let your materials sit for 24 hours at home before you open it or work on it. Most of these materials will have already been untouched for 24 hours before you receive them. We will be masked and gloved tomorrow when we hand out. Again, we are following every precaution we can when interacting with our TCE families.

    You may bring completed work from the first round of home learning to turn in tomorrow when you pick up your new packets. Please make sure your child’s name and teacher’s name are on each paper. There will be instructions included in the new packets to discuss turning in work after tomorrow.

    If your child has any library books at home that they have completed or are no longer reading, you may turn those in tomorrow as well. Instructions for turning in library books after tomorrow are also included in the handouts.

    There were many families who struggled with internet and online learning activities after the first hand out. Therefore, we have run paper packets for every student for this time period. We are trying to minimize the amount of times our families have to leave their homes and interact with people at school so we are including work for 4 weeks. Also, parents with multiple children in multiple grade levels struggled with the work being presented differently in each grade level. By presenting as we are this time, we are hoping the continuity across grade levels will make it easier for parents to navigate.

    ***If you are unable to pick up a packet tomorrow, or if you feel it is not best for your family to pick up the packet, please contact the school on Thursday. We will work something out with you in order to ensure your child has access to the work. We have multiple options available, so we feel confident one will work for you. 😊 We are working with a very limited number of people, once again, trying to ensure we follow CDC recommendations. For this reason, please wait until Thursday to contact the office to set up alternate arrangements.

    A nurse will be available between 10:00-12:00 for medication pick up tomorrow as well.  If your child has medication in the clinic and you are not able to come during this time, please make arrangements by emailing or calling 512-564-2964.

    Again, we are sending home 4 weeks worth of work this time to limit the number of times you must come up to the school. Please do not be overwhelmed by this. Each packet for each grade is clearly broken down into 4 individual weeks. The guideline for teachers is to plan for 20 minutes per day per subject. Please do not spend more time than that on schoolwork, unless you want to. It is not our intention to place another stress or burden upon you at this time. We simply want to do what we can to help our students maintain and have some connection with school work.

    If you go to the Taylor Creek website, you will see a Home Learning tab. Once you click that tab, you should see online resources/activities for students broken down by grade level. Most of these resources are available for extra practice for your student should you choose to use them. You will also see a link to each grade level page. On those pages you will find videos to help you navigate the work sent home. Again, if you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your child’s teacher or the Taylor Creek office.

    Thank you for teaming up with us to help your student continue to be successful during this out of the ordinary time. We’re here to help if you need us.

    Please tell you student we miss them terribly! Stay safe and healthy.

    Taylor Creek Elementary


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  • New Student Registration 2019-2020

    (Procedure during the COVID-19 closure)


    Due to the COVID-19 school closure, TCE will be accepting ONLY electronic registrations.  Please complete the registration packet, and return it, along with all other required documents via email to 


    Please note, incomplete registration packets will delay your student's registration.  At this time, the ONLY way to submit registration documents is via email.


    Once registered, you will be contacted by your student's new teacher.


    Please click here for the complete registration packet as well as a list of other required documents.

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