Lampasas Middle School Youth Amateur Radio Club


    Welcome to our club website.  If you have any questions, please email Gene Case

    LMSYARC is an academics oriented amateur radio and electronics club sponsored by the middle school.

    Mission Statement:

    To provide students enrolled in LISD in the 6th through 8th grades additional instruction in math, science, world and U.S. geography through the use of our amateur radio club station (call sign K5LMS), BOE Bots, and small electronics kits.


    We are supported through the American Radio Relay League’s “Big Project” which provided our radio equipment, electronics kits, licencing manuals, and one of our BOE Bots.  Lampasas ISD provides us the use of two computers, basic club funding, installation of antennas and transmission lines, and mail costs for sending out QSL cards. Additional funding has come from individual donations and t-shirt sales.

    I.  The purpose of our club

          A. to educate youth in simple electronics

          B. learn about amateur radio

          C. to communicate with people in distant places using amateur radio

          D. to spread the awareness of amateur radio to Lampasas youth

          E. have fun with electronics and communications equipment


    II. Requirements for membership


         A. be a student at a Lampasas Independant School District campus or a child of a staff  member.


    III. Meeting attendance


          A. This is an academic club -- it supports and supplements what is being taught in the classroom, so if students'

                    grades drop below 70% in an academic class, they must attend Prime Time classes and after school tutorials

                    instead of attending club meetings.


    IV. What do we do?


          A. build simple electronic circuits and radio kits

          B. learn FCC rules and good amateur practice

          C. learn to use math and science in the electronic world

          D. Learn about and operate an amateur radio station (K5LMS)

          F. participate in special events

                   1. School Club Roundup (SCR)

                   2. JOTA (Jamboree on the Air for Boy and Girl Scouts)


    V. Special Events?  When?


         A. SCR occurs every October and February, usually the third week

                    It is a contest for points between youth/school amateur radio clubs across the nation


         B. After you earn and receive an amateur radio license you can participate in weekly “nets” using Echolink software

              from your home computer as long as you have internet service.


Our present radio room on the last day of SCR, October, 2012. --Students with Gordon Thornton, W5GFR

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